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SL 93 – Winter 2014, Issue #93

Sanctuary Spotlight – Global White Lion Protection Trust

Featured Animal Communicator – Pea Horsley

Voice of Experience – Can Animals Save the World?

AC Adventures – Being “Lion Hearted, ” Conversations with Alligators, To Bee or Not to Bee, The Joys of Feral Cats

What’s the Buzz – Wildlife Population Disaster, Salmon Killed by Marijuana Farms, New Dolphin Species

SL87 – Summer 2012, Issue #87

Species Link Summer 2012In Service- Animal Communication and Personal Responsibility. Ceremonies to Honor our Animal Friends.

Voice of Experience- How do animals feel about “cosmetic surgery” such as declawing and tail bobbing?

Featured Animal Communicator- Carole Devereux

Sanctuary Spotlight- Mustang Monument, Saving America’s Wild Mustangs

SL86 – Spring 2012, Issue #86

Species Link Journal Spring 2012Founder’s Frame- “Plants Exude Love” Penelope Smith’s moving tribute to trees, plants, and flowers.

Furry Heart Club- Stories about how animals have opened our hearts to love.

In Service- Georgina Cyr explains what Iridology is, and how it can be used to help animals.

Voice of Experience- Do plants have feelings? Do they suffer physically when we harvest them to eat? How do plants feel about giving up their lives to sustain our lives?

Featured Animal Communicator- Karen Craft


SL85 – Winter 2012, Issue #85

Founder’s Frame- Penelope Smith recounts her experience of 11/11/11 and the momentous energetic portal opening.

Species Link Journal Winter 2012Our In Service column covers Reiki and Animal Communication.

Watering Hole  features reader’s discussion of Angel’s Gate Sanctuary and PETA’s expose, as well as opinions about confining animals. I

In this issue‘s AC Adventures, communicators share their animal related experiences on 11/11/11, as well as how something as simple as a dog’s birthday party can be a way to open skeptic’s eyes to the spiritual aspects of their pets.

Communicators weigh in on how animals react to the loss of their humans in Voice of Experience.

Georgina Cyr, our Featured Animal Communicator, specializes in medical intuitive health and body scans of animals. She also gives tips on learning animal communication.

Reviews includes books on the spiritual teachings of animals, as well as a child’s book about Splat the Cat, who helps children realize that if they believe in themselves, they can achieve anything.



SL84 – Autumn 2011, Issue #84

Species Link Journal Autumn 2011

SL 85 Autumn 2011

Founder’s Frame- Penelope Smith shares her take on “The Vital Role of Pure Presence” in telepathically communicating with animals, and solving issues a client may be having with their animal companion.

In Service- Homeopathy: Medicine for All Species. Donna Lozito, CCH discusses the uses of homeopathy, commonly used remedies, and shares some real-life examples of the effectiveness of homeopathy for animals.

AC Adventures- Animal communicators share their experiences communicating with a variety of wild and domestic animals including an interview with a scorpion.

Voice of Experience- Should Animal Communicators Make Money? Experienced animal communicators share their perspectives on this subject.

Featured Animal Communicator- Asia Voight

Sanctuary Spotlight- Angel’s Gate Sanctuary

SL 83 – Summer 2011, Issue #83

In Service- Animal Communicator Angela Newman writes about “Healing Relationships between Animals and People.”

AC Adventures- Topics include “The Oneness of Ants” and “Telepathy in our Canines.”

Voice of Experience- “Vivisection and Free Choice” Do animals choose to be used in research of their own free will? And why would they choose such a painful life path?

Featured Animal Communicator is Debbie Johnstone.

Sanctuary Spotlight- Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge.

SL82 Issue Spring 2011

SL82 Spring 2011Species Link: Spring 2011 In this issue, editor-in-chief Phyllis Galde challenges the reader with some penetrating questions about our animal companions. Founder Penelope Smith explains how our furry friends can help us in times of trial and contribute hugely to our healing.

There are many fascinating topics covered in this issue. Even small animals, who we might think are lower on the evolutionary scale, or who seem to be more simple, are still complex beings with understandings that are amazing. Miss Alice White, a guinea pig featured in a story in the Furry Heart Club column, presented a wonderful example of this.

Our nonhuman friends have emotions that run the gamut from high to low.The strange die-offs of birds and lately other animals is weird and saddening. We are given excellent information on how to handle energy drain by experienced communicators and counselors.

The featured sanctuary in this issue is the Best Friends Society in Utah, the largest no-kill center in the U.S. You will enjoy the heartwarming photos and great stories of rehabilitation and healing. Continue reading

SL66 Spring 2007, Issue #66

New Publisher

A note on our new publisher

What’s the Buzz?

Dog research and animal welfare gains

The Furry Heart Club

Wandering Among Wild Horses

Lucky Budgie

Chickadee Maneuvers

Remembering Bhapu

The Voice of Experience


Featured Animal Communicator

Kate Solisti

SL67 Summer 2007, Issue #67

Whale and Redwood Missions

Species Link editor Penelope Smith

The Voice of Experience

What honeybees communicate about

their worldwide disappearance


New design feedback

What’s the Buzz?

Animal fighting law with teeth

Featured Animal Communicator

Dawn Hayman

Sanctuary Spotlight

Hummingbird Farm

SL68 Winter 2007, Issue #68

Dolphins and the Big Shift

Species Link editor Penelope Smith

The Furry Heart Club

Healer Cat, Iguana Magic, more

What’s the Buzz?

Cats predict death, Humane advances, more

The Voice of Experience

Aggression in dolphins and other animals

Featured Animal Communicator

Kim Ogden-Avrutik

Sanctuary Spotlight

Epona Ridge Picadoro