Conversations with Mr. Kiki

by Linda Atnip (Balboa Press, 2011, 120 pgs., $11.95)

Mr. Kiki has a lot to say. After he passed, his closest human companion, Linda Atnip, called an animal communicator who contacted her beloved pekingese from the beyond. In Conversations With Mr. Kiki, Atnip asks Mr. Kiki many questions that deal with both the world and Atnip personally.

The author takes the reader through her life after she lost the physical Mr. Kiki but gained from his spirit and insight. Though Mr. Kiki has a few nuggets of enlightenment, if the reader has followed the world of animal communication and has listened to what other animals have to say, they will find few new bits of knowledge here. It is a fairly uneventful journey through Atnip’s hits and misses that we call life. Near the end, Mr. Kiki states, “With this book, we will show that love between species lives on between lives and never diminishes. The light of our love will never die.”