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Ask Mother Nature

Why do we communicate with our animals, then struggle with garden pests?  Why not ask your soil and plants what they need?

Learn co-creative methods with Ask Mother Nature, a Conscious Gardener’s Guide: the book, workshops, & consultations.

Ellen Vande Visse PO Box 2905 Palmer AK 99645


Leiah Bowden  (518) 374-4388; San Francisco, CA

Bowden for animal communications directoryWorking with multi-dimensional and off-planet awareness and techniques, Leiah seeks to serve the divine. Her healing, inter-species communication sessions combine her perception of the energy flow in and around people and animals ( see her Lightspeak Energy Portraits and Lightspeak Animal Energy Portraits ) with her sensitivity to the emotions and thoughts of animals.

You may read some of her animal communication sessions and client testimonials. Her services include helping rehabilitate animals through learning what they want to do.

Usually Leiah works from a photo, rather than in-person. This reduces environmental interference, time, money. $1 per minute, $15 minimum.


Elizabeth Lee, MA For the Love of Animals, Newbury Park, CA (805) 499-3460

Elizabeth Lee & Skye Davies web directoryAnimal Communicator and Certified Reiki Master

I offer remote animal communication and healing sessions, using my empathic and telepathic skills, intuition, Reiki, and Flower Essences. My highest intention is to  be a conduit for Spirit, to bring in love, harmony and healing to you and your animal friends. I work over the phone, and offer classes locally in Southern California. Phone sessions are recorded and e-mailed to you so you don’t need to take notes. Elizabeth’s Facebook page is: Elizabeth Lee, For the Love of Animals


Nancy Schluntz, Hayward CA (510) 969-6122

nancy-schluntzInterfaith Animal Chaplain, intuitive animal communicator, Animal Reiki practitioner, and pet loss bereavement counselor. My intention is to help facilitate deeper understanding and communication between human/animal and animal/animal family members, and to support you through times of transition. Communication sessions are by phone; Reiki and grief support can be by phone or in person locally. To give back, I volunteer at a local wildlife rehabilitation center. My website offers resources, and messages from nature and animals both wild and domestic. My book, Hand in Paw, a Journey of Trust and Discovery, is available on Amazon.

Rev. Nancy Schluntz Pet Loss Bereavement Counselor Animal Chaplain, Intuitive Animal Communication & Animal Reiki Listener, Writer, Interfaith Minister

Author: Hand in Paw, a Journey of Trust and Discovery


winterhawk-animal-communicator“We encourage you to imagine telepathy as the voice and the feeling of that love which connects us all together” ~ Sophie Walking Drum, Tortoise Shell Cat

Winterhawk Animal Consultations 707-583-2348    VM only 530-938-1360    24/7 Emergency Worldwide, by Phone or Skype

Hello! For timely response! and ALL scheduling, kindly phone my Voice Mail or Emergency #, as approp. Finding I am on email much less often these days except to send tapes and requested info.

Consultations are on track, 24/7, and ….I look forward to Commune-icating with You, and your Animal Friends! Referrals will be given in missing animal cases.


Karen Eu Coronado, CA 92118

e-mail:  Text: 619-980-1104

Nature Healing Coning for Animals, angels, dowsing, advanced Sekhem,  Reiki master, Tellington Touch,  flower essences. Behavioral, emotional, terminal, lost animals.


Lynn Loftin San Carlos, CA 650-631-1268 Compassionate interspecies communication for all issues, hospice care, grief support, energetic support, flower essences. Consultations: phone, email, in person, IM.


Elaine DeCarlo—Animal Communicator. Missing Pets. Health/Behavioral Issues.

Walk in Peace and with Love in your Heart! The Animals will then Hear you and you them!



Mary J. Getten* Bradenton/Sarasota, FL (941) 752 -5761

Get Peace of Mind in a three-way phone consultation with Mary and your pet by interacting and speaking directly with your animals. Mary works with all species and specializes in problem solving. She also communicates with animals in spirit.

Mary is a compassionate and experienced communicator who has been helping people and their pets worldwide since 1996.

Mary teaches various workshops, creates custom  flower essences for animals and leads swim with wild dolphin trips.

Her award-winning book, Communicating with Orcas; The Whales’ Perspective and Dolphins & Whales Forever are available on her website.

THE QUESTION.  What Happened to the Animal-Human Spiritual Connection? by Judith Hensel is available worldwide in electronic bookstores and in paperback.

Author can be reached at:  E ADDRESS:


philippa-kingsley-animal-communicatorPhilippa Kingsley 470 Franklin Road NE, Atlanta, GA 30342             Tel: 404 255 4760  Cell: 404 667 3926.

Rescue Pets and Behavioral Issues / The Grieving Process

Philippa Kingsley is an animal communicator, author of Rising Above Grief for People and Pets (a true story of Love, Caring and Sharing), certified VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing practitioner, Angelic Guidance, Past Life Healer, Reiki Practitioner.

Specializing in rescue animals that have been adopted and have behavioral issues, she uses VortexHealing® to release all issues which are stored in the cellular system.

Transition from the physical body of a beloved animal companion is an emotional earthquake. Helping you with illness, loss and the grieving process, including communication with your beloved pet.

tim-link-animal-communicatorTim Link P.O. Box 2068, Cumming, GA 30028 (404) 422-6355

Specializing in Lost Pets and Map Dowsing

Tim Link is an animal communicator, Reiki energy healer for animals, author of Wagging Tales: Every Animal Has a Tale, a nationally syndicated radio show host on Pet Life Radio, and a faculty member with the Animal Spirit Network.

Private Services: Animal communication with all animal types, living or deceased; missing animals (including map dowsing); remote Reiki energy healing for animals; communication with animals that have transitioned; grief support associated with pet loss.

Tele-Workshops Offered: Animal Communication, Lost Animals, Finding Your Animal Spirit Guides, Animal Chakra Clearing, Energy Healing for Animals and more.



Kristina Marie Wium 808-651-3146;  email:

Offering consultations for all interspecies issues including end of life transitions, behavioral issues, injury and illness and spiritual life matters.


Denise norberg-johnsonHead Shot Cropped Oct 2012Denise Norberg-Johnson is an Animal Communicator, Animal Reiki Master, and Certified LifeLine Practitioner, who incorporates the use of essential oils and healing crystals into her work with animals and their human families.

Her services include communication with animals both in physical form and spirit, support during end-of-life decisions, and pre- and post-transition ceremonies, as well as group sessions and workshops.

Sessions can be performed remotely or in person, and include transcripts for your records. Denise writes the Animals Know! blog and can be contacted via email at or through her website, Defyning Moments


Carol Schultz (815) 531-2850; Pekin, IL

Animal Communications and Intuitive Healing for over 15 years

Carol provides compassionate and insightful Consultations, alongcarol-schultz-animal-communication with Creator-based Energy Balancing, for all animal species.  Assistance with emotional, behavioral, health, harmony, end-of-life, grief support, and connections with animals in spirit.  Professional phone sessions, barn visits, and special events.  Optional MP3 recordings.  Gift certificates.  Lectures, Basic/Advanced workshops.

Carol’s desire to assist animals and their human companions comes from an unexpected telepathic connection many years ago that she experienced with her feline companion, Panda.

Carol will help to enhance mutual understanding, deepen your bond, and expand your relationship, with your animal companion.


Faun Fenderson, 725 Marigny St, New Orleans, LA 70117, (504)

Distant or in-person consultations for all animals. For animals and humans: flower essence therapy, Akashic Records readings, and hands-on/distant energy treatments. Basic animal communication classes.


Susan Bartfay P.O.Box 809 Conway MA 01341 (413) 325 5777

Blue Ribbon Equine Massage For the Health and Well Being of Your Horse (413) 325-5777 susan@blueribbonequine.comsusan-bartfay

My speciality is emotional and energy awareness and relationship dynamics of companion animals to other animals and to their people. I work with photographs and follow-up with a telephone consultation for a flat rate fee.

I make sure that the concerns of you and your companions are fully and compassionately addressed, respected, and validated.

I am also a Certified Equine Massage Therapist with advanced training in alignment techniques, as well as a  Reiki practitioner, and will travel within one hour of Conway MA. Travel fees apply. Distance emotional and energy clearing can also be included in sessions at your request.


Maureen Harmonay 25 Pikes Hill Road, Sterling, MA 01564 (978) 502-5800    Remote and in-person consultations on behavioral issues, transitions, problem solving, animals in spirit. Pro-bono services to Rescues.

New York

Nancy A. Cangelosi  P.O. Box 65 Sharon Springs, NY  13459

Services include Animal Communication, Animal Reiki, Companion Animal Bereavement Counseling, and services as a Registered Bach Flower Practitioner.  These services may be combined.

North Carolina

Michele Bustamante  Tiyoweh Communications,                                          PO Box 61452, Durham, NC 27715 (919) 403-8243 Consultations, workshops;                         Reiki M/T, TAT® Certified Pro; All species. All cases considered. Assisting to re-member our deep life connections


Jennifer G. Parks 7327 SW Barnes Rd, #308, Portland, OR 97225, 971-404-6683

Want to know what your pet friend is thinking and feeling? I provide consultations to discover jennifer-parksreasons for your pet friend’s behaviors and to bring more awareness and understanding into the relationship.

People usually talk to their pet friends yet often wonder whether the animals are receiving their messages and what messages the animals are sending back to them!

By scheduling a consultation with me, I can be a bridge between you and your pet friend to answer questions, find solutions, deliver messages and negotiate behavior changes. Take the guesswork out of things and contact me for an appointment now!

Jai Jamison Wagtime Wisdom, PO Box 51494, Eugene, OR 97405 (541) 654-0591                                                               Compassionate, interactive consultations. All species and all issues. Phone or in person. Classes and private mentoring. Flower essences formulated in collaboration with a holistic veterinarian.


Rhode Island

Paulinka de Rochemont 401-397-4348

Quantum Energetic Transformation (TM) Master Coach for People and Animals & Animal Communication
 paulinka-de Rochemont-animal-communicator
Transforming Lives and Helping People and Animals Thrive !
Come to a greater understanding, a better relationship and deeper bond with Animal Communication,
Release on the source and origin of ANY issue, behavior patterns,limitations and energetic blockages,
come to a place of much greater ease and well-being, and
bring in wonderful , new possibilities with Quantum Energetic Transformation (TM) !
Clear trauma and shock, entities and implants.
Add a new member to your family with the Energetic Animal Introduction Process.
What do you choose to create in your/ your animal’s life today ?

South Carolina

Jann Howell speaks to animals living and in spirit.



Val Heart San Antonio, TX  (210) 863-7928

val-heartCalled The Real Dr Doolittle, Val is internationally known as a leading animal communication expert, speaker, bestselling author, master healer.  She solves problems with pets, teaches students how to communicate, mentors professional communicators in growing their businesses.

Founder of the HEART System™, 5 Steps to Solve Behavior/Health Problems

Equine Peak Performance Expert™, Helping Underperforming Show Horses Achieve Their Potential

Learn How to Talk to Animals Yourself!  Animal Talk Coaching Club, Free Professional Communicator Interview & Training Series, How to Talk to Animals Complete System: Beginning & Advanced Courses

 Business Mentor for Professional Communicators Ready to expand your business? for a Free Consultation



Janet Dobbs Reston, VA   Animal Paradise – Communication and Healing  Email:

janet-dobbsJanet is an animal communication teacher & practitioner, Reiki teacher/practitioner, trained in the field of Bio-energy; Bach Flower essences, TTouch, small animal massage, acupressure, essential oils for animals &humans, Traditional Japanese Reiki and has degrees in education, Music performance and Broadcasting.

Janet offers courses and training programs in animal communication and Reiki for humans and animals, teleclasses and private tutoring/mentoring for students and practitioners, and gives talks and lectures.


deborah-erickson-ph.d Deborah Erickson, PhD, Kalama WA.

Parapsychological researcher with a PhD in Psychology with a concentration in consciousness and spirituality. and

Dr. Erickson’s dissertation research was the first to explore telepathic interspecies communication with dogs. She has been an animal communicator for over 15 years, is Honorary Web Site Manager for the Society for Psychical Research in London, UK and as well as a Reiki Master and Healing Touch for Animals practitioner. Her current research is an animal communication project engaging therapy horses who work with PTSD diagnosed military veterans. She is available for communication, speaking, or teaching engagements.


Morgine Jurdan morgine-jurdan-animal-communication P. O. Box 154 Amboy, WA 98601 (360) 686-9886;

Animal Communicator, Joyful Life Coach, Fun Classes, Mentoring, Presentations, Support

Morgine is dedicated to creating loving relationships everywhere. In communicating, Morgine also inspires confidence offering easy techniques to improve Your Own Skills in connecting with your animals friends. Phone/Skype nationally, internationally, all species, including Nature Beings and Wild Animals like Dolphins and Whales. Personal messages from animals and nature, training, in spirit, lost animal coaching and more. Especially helpful with End of Life issues:

We are all One. In helping You, I also transform Myself and our World! Thank You!




ann-heinrichAnn Heinrich has been an animal communicator for years.  She has worked with lost animals from the U.S,, India, Jamaica, England, Peru and many other areas. Because Ann sees things when talking with the animal she is able to do LOST ANIMALS with a great degree of success.  She also does transitional counseling with owners and pets, health checks, pregnancy checks, pets that have passed and general questions for the owners.

Ann can be reached at 715.222.7118.  Her web site  and her face book page is

Asia Voight* Madison, WI

asia-voightAsia Voight is an Internationally-known Animal Communicator, Intuitive Counselor for people, Teacher, Speaker and Author. Throughout an eighteen-year practice, she has assisted over 70,000 animal and human clients.

Asia’s work has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox TV as well as countless radio shows. Asia is a published author in five books: Pearls of Wisdom with Jack Canfield, Extraordinary YOU, Divine Moments, Miracles Happen with Brian Weiss and 365 Days Of Angel Prayers.

Asia is available for keynote speaking, magazine, radio, and TV interviews. Register for Asia’s classes on her



Jane Summers – SUFFOLK, ENGLAND. UK.  T: 01508 518969   E:

jane summersJane Summers is a professional international animal communicator & tutor, specialising in remote Animal Communication (AC) sessions, presented as clearly typed transcripts via post or email.

Behavioural and emotional issues with all species consulted via AC.

Particular interest in telepathy, consciousness, and AC with animals ‘in spirit’.

WORKSHOPS:   PURE AC – Learning Animal Communication Remotely

One & two day classes:

  • Fundamental and Fundamental Plus
  • Applied Animal Communication

A Certified Practitioner of Matrix Energetics, Jane additionally works with Matrix Energetics sessions for both animals and their people.

Hong Kong

Rosina Maria Arquati. Based in Hong Kong, and working internationally. Tel (+852) 6089 4727 . Email  . Website  English and Chinese.

Book. English. Rosina Maria Arquati: The Life Journey of an Animal Communicator, ISBN 978-1-4525-8320-4 

the-life-journey-of-an-animal-communicator-rosina-arqueatiRosina’s Chinese book also available

Rosina provides private Counseling Sessions and Animal Communication Workshops: Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and elsewhere.  Also provides and teaches complementary healing.

Natural-born Animal Communicator, and highly qualified experienced practitioner, Rosina has provided Animal Communication services for over 20 years.

Member: Chartered National Therapies Practitioners, New Zealand. Certificated Reiki Master, also trained in other complementary healing modalities.

Rosina lives in Hong Kong with her veterinarian husband and rescued animals. She willingly cooperates with veterinarians.


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