Heart to Heart

by Pea Horsley

(HarperElement, 2010, Softcover, 304 pages, £6.99)

Nothing can truly convince a skeptic like a skeptic. In Heart to Heart, Pea Horsley really pulls you into her discovery of animal communication with her initial unabashed skepticism as she stumbles into the world. This book chronicles her development as Horsley evolves both as a telepath and a teacher.

Horsley tours you through her experiences with rabbits, geese, cats, and even insects. She helps animals find their way home again and assists people in making peace with the passing of a beloved animal friend. Each of the animal encounters are brief making for a quick read, but captures the essence of the furry characters involved with quirky detail. Her prose is focused and witty leaving you with stories that stick with you long after you finish the last page.