Just One More Day

by Geoffrey Bain (Enchanted Forest Press, 2011, 276 pgs., $19.95)

When Geoffrey Bain had to say goodbye to his best canine friend, he was devastated.

He wondered at what point, when you have to put your animal down, should you choose to let go. He researched the matter and found varying viewpoints. Just One More Day is full of first-hand accounts from animal lovers who had to go through the heart-wrenching act of putting their animal out of his or her misery.

Keith L. tells of his horrible pet experiences—most tragically died, leading him to feel cursed and hesitant about adopting a new furry family member. Six years later, his dog is still around and spreading love. It is not just animal guardians who share their opinions, but doctors and children as well.

More importantly, there are several tools provided to help someone who has lost a dear animal companion, including tips for coping and a “Quality of Life Scale” with explanation and chart. Poetry, clever quotes, and funny anecdotes fill the remaining pages. Of the many books about loss, this one is definitely worthwhile.