SL82 Issue Spring 2011

SL82 Spring 2011Species Link: Spring 2011 In this issue, editor-in-chief Phyllis Galde challenges the reader with some penetrating questions about our animal companions. Founder Penelope Smith explains how our furry friends can help us in times of trial and contribute hugely to our healing.

There are many fascinating topics covered in this issue. Even small animals, who we might think are lower on the evolutionary scale, or who seem to be more simple, are still complex beings with understandings that are amazing. Miss Alice White, a guinea pig featured in a story in the Furry Heart Club column, presented a wonderful example of this.

Our nonhuman friends have emotions that run the gamut from high to low.The strange die-offs of birds and lately other animals is weird and saddening. We are given excellent information on how to handle energy drain by experienced communicators and counselors.

The featured sanctuary in this issue is the Best Friends Society in Utah, the largest no-kill center in the U.S. You will enjoy the heartwarming photos and great stories of rehabilitation and healing.



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Why the Animals Died
How to Handle Energy Drain
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Best Friends Animal Society