Spirit of the Horse

by Carole Devereux

(Windhorse Press, 2009, Softcover, 272 pages, $20.00)

This is the most eloquently written textbook I have ever read. In it Carole Devereux describes the evolution of horses as a species and spiritual icon in human theology. Delving deep into our co-evolution, she reveals through careful research and first hand experience why we love these creatures, showing us how much there is still to learn about them. Photos in the book help to illustrate and flesh out some of the facts she found in her research. However, more would have been greatly appreciated during the myths section to add a little flair and culture to each of the stories.

Though I generally like nonfiction books, I would have found more visual aids helpful to break up the text heavy pages. Citing the dictionary for anything other than a rare or complicated word is boring, causing the reader to lose interest, which unfortunately she does quite a lot. Otherwise, the book is a wonderful work that captures her thoughtful investigations as to why we see the horse the way we do today.