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History of the Talking Mongoose

by Harold T. Wilkins

It started with noises in the walls and glimpses of a rat-like body. Then incredible events followed. The weird creature could talk.

0ne of the strangest phenomena of physico-psychical nature that I have investigated in the past 35 years was on the Isle of Man in the Irish Sea. This island is some 30 miles long by about 12 miles wide and lies 76 miles out, by steamship, from the port of Liverpool, England. This romantic and rather eerie island is about a day-and-a-half by rail and steamship from London and only a few hours by air. Its wild glens and rugged coves, washed by the often tempestuous Irish Sea, have been the home of Norse and Viking pirates in the remote past.
The fishermen and farmers, who speak a language called Manx, tell you of mermen and mermaids seen sporting in their wild coves and swear they speak the truth! There are also tales of giant men who lived on the island both before and after the Great Flood that sank Atlantis. And there are weird traditions of great tunnels, stretching far underground beneath the island. Continue reading