The Dog with a “B” on His Bottom!!!

by Brent Atwater

(Just Plain Love Books, 2010, Softcover, 36 pages, $12.95)

Everyone who has lost an animal companion would likely share the same sentiments Brent Atwater expresses in her book, The Dog with a “B” on His Bottom!!! The author shares her story of the loss of her dog and the renewal of happiness in the journey to find a new dog. She finds a new and wonderful companion in a puppy who has a “B” on its backside, “written” the same way Brent writes the “B” in her name. Though in this brief tale there are a few moments where the reader will “aww” and perhaps shed a tear, one might be better off reading I’m Home!, another book by Brent Atwater which not only has this story, but several other love stories from around the world involving dog reincarnation.