The Legacy of Beezer and Boomer

by Doug Koktavy (B Brothers Press, 2010, 328 pgs., $24.95)

Yes, Doug Koktavy’s book, The Legacy of Beezer and Boomer, is sad, but it is also full of strength, humor, and understanding. To love a dog as a companion, brother/daughter, and teacher is hard to understand for some, but this is how Koktavy felt about both Beezer and Boomer and later Coral, all diagnosed with terminal illnesses.

He shares his struggles from the beginning of this life-altering experience to the end, even though it is not the end at all. We walk with him through the steps of learning about these illnesses, gaining knowledge and choosing the right steps for the betterment of his dogs. Koktavy uses the guidance of veterinarians, specialists, support groups, and animal communicators, helping him and the readers gain knowledge along the way.

Writing letters to his dogs and remembering the good times are what kept him going through these difficult situations when it was hard not to think that someone upstairs had something against him. Beezer and Boomer themselves even offer insight beneficial for everyone’s quality of life. With compassion and enduring spirit, Koktavy eloquently reveals the lack of speech that most of us feel when we lose a beloved friend, whether human or non-human. Through the tears and battles, everything happens for a reason and legacies of amazing beings do live on through memorie