Training Your Dog the Humane Way

by Alana Stevenson (New World Library, 2011, 208 pgs., $14.95)

We all want to think that our animal companion is perfect, but the truth is they are only almost perfect—and sometimes it takes a while to even get to that point! Written by animal behaviorist and humane dog trainer, Alana Stevenson, this book is a great tool to have at hand. The book is a straightforward approach to training your dog, either as a puppy or an adult, through positive actions and rewards.

Chock full of information and illustrated instructions, it is designed so that you do not have to read through the entire book. You can choose the chapters that fit your needs. The index allows you to find a subject quickly. Stevenson tackles every problem imaginable from accidents, deafness, etiquette, fear, property rights, treat-dispensing toys to verbal signs and much more.

Helpful hints such as, “Use very small pieces of food as treats when training. The pieces should be small enough that your dog will want more when you are done. You can feed your dog meals through training exercises or treat-dispensing toys or use kibble for beginning exercises,” leave little confusion when attempting the tasks from the book with your dog. Even if your dog is perfect in your eyes, there may still be room for improvement.