Hello to all the Species Link Journal Community!
pecies Link Journal took an unexpected hiatus.
I have unexpectedly been out of the loop for the past two years due to double hip replacement, and have been all alone due to covid restrictions,
but am now almost fully restored.
Thank you for your patience and loyalty.You are all much appreciated, and needed by our non-speaking friends. To compensate current subscribers, you can receive either a free past issue or we can extend your subscription by an issue.
If you address or email has changed since 2018, let us know so we can update our records.
Species Link Journal is important, and our nonhuman friends need a community and we are here to make that happen.
Thanks so much for your patience.
“Back in the saddle again.”
(Gene Autry, 1941)
Phyllis Galde

email phyllis@specieslinkjournal.com

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What is Species Link?

If you love animals and are open to the possibility of communicating with other species, if you desire to learn as much as you can about communication with animals, or if you are already a practitioner in this field, Species Link is vital for you!

You’ll find tested methods to learn and teach interspecies telepathic communication, books and resources, the latest breakthroughs, questions answered by seasoned communicators, a directory of animal communicators for services and support, plus readers’ stories, poems, art, book reviews, and letters.

Species Link is a forum and network to share experiences, helpful hints, insights, humor, growth along the path, the joy of deep understanding and heightened awareness with all beings.

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