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Stopping fleas from catching a ride

Step 1:Fleas jump onto pets and catch a ride into your home where they live in your carpets and breed. Prevent fleas from jumping onto your pets by adding garlic to their pet food. When a pet eats garlic regularly, their natural skin oils start to smell like garlic..

Fleas do not like the smell of garlic and will not hop onto your pet. Salt Carpet

Step 2:Sprinkle a layer of table salt on all carpeted surfaces. Allow the salt to stand on the carpet for several days. Fleas eat the salt and soon die of dehydration. Vacuum the carpeted area thoroughly, emptying the vacuum bag or catch canister several times. Take out the garbage immediately after vacuuming. Do not allow pets to lick the carpet while it’s treated with salt. Borax

Step 3:Borax, found in the laundry aisle of the grocery store, dehydrates fleas in the same manner as salt. Sprinkle borax on carpeted surfaces and leave it there for a couple of days. Vacuum up the borax and clean out the dirt canister several times while vacuuming. Mixing borax with food grade diatomaceous earth (typically found at feed co-ops) and salt creates the ideal powder to kill yard fleas. Sprinkle the yard with the mixture the same day the interior of the home is treated. Do not allow your pets to ingest borax or the outdoor borax preparation. After three days, spray the yard with a garden hose to rinse away the borax preparation. Treat Furniture

Step 4:Treat furniture with salt or borax the same day carpets are treated. Fleas live on fabric surfaces including sofas, chairs and love seats. It may be best to treat all the surfaces in your home before traveling out of town for a few days so that pets and people do not sit in salt and borax. Leave salt or borax on furniture for two to three days before vacuuming the mixture from the fabric surfaces. Keep Fleas Away

Step 5:Treat your pets and home with an all-natural spray created from bergamot oil, rosemary, citronella or lavender. Commercial all-natural pet shampoos typically contain one or more of these ingredients to repel fleas.

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